From the Founder

“The first two concerts I saw live were the Beatles and the Byrds. My musical imprinting came from those experiences, leading me to my first guitar, and realizing that I loved harmonies!

“My musical journey exposed me to singer songwriters, including folk and country genres. While living in South Carolina, I discovered “listening rooms” — where you actually could hear the music!

“I volunteered with a series, then managed that series for 12 years before moving to the Kansas City area. In 2014, I wrote a proposal to Shawnee Mission Unitarian Universalist Church (SMUUCh) to sponsor a singer-songwriter series in their space. With many music-loving members, the proposal was strongly supported.

“On June 15, 2015, we opened with Minneapolis singer-songwriter Peter Mayer. Since then  we hold 10 shows a year, with the help of a dedicated team of 15 to 20 volunteers who work sound, marketing, hospitality and much more!”

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Mike Paget Founder Green Guitar Folk House

Mike Paget

Green Guitar Folk House Founder

In this listening room we get the chance to make changes in the world. Put best in the words of singer-songwriter Mary Gauthier, from her book Saved by a Song: 

“People ask me if I believe songs can change the world. My answer is yes, absolutely. Here’s how:

“A song can change a heart by creating empathy.

“A changed heart has the power to change a mind.

“And when a mind changes, a person changes.

“One song, one heart, one mind, one person at a time.

“Songs can bring us a deeper understanding of each other and ourselves and open the heart to love.”

Great Venue!

It’s 5 stars for the performances at the Green Guitar Folk House. It’s a great venue at a good price for a Saturday night on the town.


Love good music!

Top entertainment, excellent sound system, nice crowd of people who seem to know and love good music!


We will be back!

Such a warm friendly place to listen to music. The staff are such great hosts: they make everyone feel so welcome. I appreciate the Covid precautions. First time — we will be back!